Your business’s electrical box is an essential part of your business’s electrical system and it is sometimes necessary to open it up to reset or repair the controls on your power supply. If you are having problems that are related to the power service within your building then it may be a good idea for you to have a technician come and look at your electric box.

The truth is that your electric box controls your business’s entire electrical system, it is best if you solve your electrical issues properly and as soon as possible.

Despite the fact that you maintain your work environment very well, using a lot of electrical utilities on a daily basis is bound to lead to some electrical problems sooner or later. These problems can become pretty serious if not taken care of early on.



Here are 4 common electrical problems that all business owners face

  1. Moisture Seepage

    Moisture seepage indicates that your building has a drainage problem or a water leak in the pipes. White corrosion and rust on the electric box or near it shows the presence of moisture. Having extra moisture in your electric box is a pretty serious problem which requires the attention of a trained professional. Don’t attempt any quick fixes on your own and simply let your electrician know about it.

  2. Damaged Electrical Cables

    The service line connecting your home to the power cables outside can become damaged and worn out which affects the power supply into your business’s electrical system. It often happens that the cables are loose, lacking clamps, totally damaged or may not be insulated. If the cables are damaged then you will have to contact your utility company as this is their department.

  3. Manufacturing Problems

    Amongst other things in the electric boxes are the manufacturing problems which may cause you to have your entire panel replaced. You will need to speak to your electrician about whether it is necessary to replace your electric box or not. Manufacturing issues are mostly limited to fuses and circuits as these are the easiest and most likely to get damaged if they are not installed properly. Speak to your electrician before you decide to replace any of the parts in your electric box. Another thing that may happen is that your breakers may either be under or overcrowded.

  4. Do Not Under-Power or Overcrowd Your Electric Control Panels

    Make sure that your electric box has enough space for both the breaker and the amp space, don’t under-power it or overcrowd it in order to maintain a good safety level. A normal breaker panel holds around 100 amps.

Your best option is to take the initiative and upgrade your panel to a bigger model if you need new circuits. You won’t have to bother about needing more power and space after that.

Inspecting your electrical boxes regularly is recommended as this will prevent damage to your electrical system and equipment in the long run as well as prevent costly downtime. If you are facing any difficulties with your electrical system then contact us at D&F Liquidators today!