September 2020

Electrical Wire Color Codes: All You Need To Know

Before starting any wiring project, it is possible to identify the purposes of the different house electrical wiring if you understand the diverse electrical wire colors and their code. These electrical color codes specify the function of each wire in a given circuit. The wiring colors differentiate ideally between the hot, neutral, or ground […]

Arc Fault Breaker/ Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter

If you have ever experienced loose wiring connections causing spark due to unsteady contact, then you understand how dangerous it could be if not treated carefully. That spark between metal contact points leading to noises or unsafe passing of electrical current is known as an arc fault. Soon enough, this arcing gets heated […]

Electrical Wire Gauge: All About Various Size And Their Usage

For every electrical need in your house, it is essential to install cables that pass an electrical inspection. These cables will ensure an electrical connection that carries power guardedly. Maintaining high-quality during selection will guarantee a competent circuit system throughout the residence.
Wire Vs. Cable
Typically both wires and cables are the same. The only difference […]

August 2020

Knob and Tube Wiring

There have been a lot of different types of electrical wiring used in houses over the years (well, centuries), and some of them are very different from modern house wiring types. If you come across knob and tube wiring and you aren’t familiar with it, you’ll probably have a ‘what is this?!’ moment.

What is […]

Rewiring a House- How? Cost? When?

Each year, the United States sees over 45,000 home electrical fires and half of these involving home electrical wiring or lighting equipment. Winter months are the most dangerous with home electrical fires peaking from November to March. A fire is no joke, and you should make sure your house’s wiring and electrical systems are […]

July 2020

How To Put Out An Electrical Fire

Most people spend a lot of time indoors and some electronic gadget or appliance runs at all times. That means there may be a risk of an electrical emergency like an electrical fire. In this article, we will see how to put out an electrical fire if you ever find yourself in an unfortunate […]

June 2020

How to Wire a 3-Way Light Switch

A 3-way switch is a light switch, which is commonly used to control the light from two different locations in the room. For example, in the large room or a staircase, a 3-way light switch is installed at two ends that allow you to turn the light on/off from two different locations. 
The 3-way light […]

  • Troubleshooting GFCI and Other Dead Outlets
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    GFCI Outlet Won’t Reset: Troubleshooting GFCI and Other Dead Outlets

GFCI Outlet Won’t Reset: Troubleshooting GFCI and Other Dead Outlets

We don't know how important electrical outlets are until the power in our homes goes off. When one outlet is not working while there seems to be no problem with the other outlets in the house, you could have a dead outlet. 
A dead outlet isn't only annoying, but it also is a fire risk. […]

May 2020

Flickering Lights – Reasons and Ways to Fix

The problem of occasionally flickering lights is common and may not be dangerous. It often is the result of minor electrical problems that you can fix on your own. But if the problem continues, you may need to consult an expert and see if the cause of light flickering in your house is something […]

Outdoor Electrical Outlets – Installation and Safety Tips

Sometimes, we are very careful about safely using electrical equipment and outlets in our home. But we tend to overlook the risks of electrical hazards due to outdoor electrical outlets. So, to help you, we are discussing how to ensure maximum safety when using an outdoor electrical box followed by some very important electrical safety […]