February 2023

Flickering LED Lights: Common Causes and Effective Fixes

Are you noticing flickering LED lights in your house? It can be annoying and distracting. Flashing of dimmable LEDs is also extremely inconvenient. Moreover, these kinds of electrical issues put your property, family, and home in danger.

You are probably wondering why my LED lights are flickering and how I can fix them! Well, don’t […]

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    9 Different Types of Light Switches We All Need in Our Homes

9 Different Types of Light Switches We All Need in Our Homes

Once upon a time, light switches were a necessary addition to a home. They were a functional aspect of your home that helped you turn your electrical appliances on and off. But now, switches are much more than functionality. They are home improvement products with a wide range of features, designs, and capabilities.

At its […]

December 2022

What is a Neutral Wire? [All You Need to Know]

Most of the time, we don’t have to think too much about our electrical wires because they are just there, working in the background. We use these electrical wires every time we flip a light switch, plug in a phone charger, or turn on the microwave.

If you are living in a newly built home […]

September 2022

THHN Wire: Material, Specifications and AWG Uses Explained

What is THHN Wire?
THHN (Thermoplastic High-heat Resistant, nylon-coated) wire is also known as the building wire. They come in either stranded or solid conductors and can be manufactured with either copper or aluminum. THHN wire is covered in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation with a nylon jacket.

THHN wire is designed with particular insulation material, condition, […]

August 2022

Light Bulb Types

Lighting is one of the most important essentials in home decor. It plays an essential role as it helps define a room’s mood and ambience. The choice of light bulb plays an important part in selecting the perfect lighting for your room. Hundreds of light bulbs like CFL, halogen, and LED are available today. […]

May 2022

What Is An Electric Fuse And How Does It Work?

Electric fuses have protected homes from excessive current flows and system temperature increases. They are still found in older homes and are often code compliant. Read on to find more about everything you need to know about electric fuses.
What is an Electrical Fuse?
Electric fuses eliminate potential dangers like excessive temperatures and power surges to […]

April 2022

Circuit Breaker Finders: Usage and Buying Considerations

How important is the tool circuit breaker finder in your arsenal?
It depends upon whether you are an electrical professional or a DIY enthusiast. Professionals primarily use a breaker finder to find a particular circuit breaker.

For the uninitiated, a circuit breaker is a safety device that protects your home and electronic equipment from electrical hazards […]

Understanding Bad Breakers: Symptoms, Testing and FAQs

Does your circuit breaker keep tripping?
There can be multiple reasons for the circuit breaker to fall, for example, circuit overload, power surge, short circuit, or any other electrical emergency. It’s good that your circuit breaker is tripping. That means it is successfully protecting your appliances from a damaging electric fault or hazard.

However, if your […]

January 2022

Circuit Breaker Vs Fuse: All You Need To Know?

Fuse and circuit breaker are two sides of the same coin. Their function is to control the flow of electricity for the safety of people and electric equipment. However, they have different ways to perform their function.

When electricity is overflown, the fuse melts down because of overheating. A circuit breaker gets switched off or […]

December 2021

How to Change a Fuse in a Fuse Box in 6 Steps

Most modern houses are equipped with the latest fuse boxes or circuit breakers that can be repaired easily. However, some homes still have a traditional fuse box that needs to be changed if it blows. How do you do that? We’ll see that in this article, but let’s answer an important question first.
Why Do […]