The right surplus electrical vendor can help your business tremendously. They enable you to produce and deliver goods and services that your business offers. However, finding the right supplier offering a competitive price can be challenging.

In this article, we will look at 5 things that will help you find the right surplus equipment vendor.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Surplus Equipment Vendor

  1. Determine your Requirements

    You must know your exact requirements. This will help you assess your quotes and bids.

    A few things you must consider include the price of the vendor, their delivery, quality offered and the service time. Count in special requirements like payment methods, minimum or maximum orders, guarantees or returns.

    Choosing the right surplus electrical vendor will reap great benefits. You would want a good partner in your corner who is equally motivated to achieve your standards. Consider factors like efficiency, friendliness and transparency too.

    Choose a vendor that understands your business’s values and works in its best interests.

  2. Price and Services

    Price is one of the main deciding factors. However, it can be tricky to come to an agreeable price. You cannot spend too much and not make a profit; nor can you spend too little and receive mediocre product. Come to a price point that works for both you and your suppliers.

    Next, check the services that the surplus electrical equipment vendor is offering. If they do not offer the services you need, either negotiate with them to offer the same, or look for another vendor.

  3. Vendor’s Reputation

    It is important to team up with reputed and reliable vendors. This way you can be assured of quality service. Opting for a vendor just because they are offering a cheaper price may prove expensive in the long run.

    Check if the business has a valid mailing address. The vendor’s business must have an EIN number and be established with known agencies like the BBB.

    They must have necessary certifications like PEARL or NETA. Additionally, ensure the vendors maintain these certifications.

  4. Maintenance of Uniformity in QC Documentation

    Vendors offering electrical supplies and materials must maintain uniformity throughout the QC documentation.

    They must have traceable and serialized inventory. Having a code-compliant labelling would be another element working in their favor. Ensure all the test reports are available whenever requested.

    The surplus vendors must follow the standard testing procedures.

  5. Availability of In-House Testing Capability

    Look for vendors who put great emphasis on the safety of the equipment they deliver. A vendor who is serious about the safety and reliability will invest in in-house testing apparatus and personnel.

    Shortlist industrial surplus vendors who have an in-house testing capability. This will give you the assurance that the product you receive is absolutely safe.

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