Lighting is a critical aspect in a number of industries such as manufacturing, mining, marine, packaging, and even sports. Electrical fixtures for such industries are designed for heavy-duty performance and can last even in the most adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures and climate.

Apart from ensuring proper lightening and enhancing the output, electrical lighting also helps in maintaining safety in your workplace. If you have a well-lit workspace, then your workers can avoid unwarranted accidents like stepping on sharp tools, bumping into equipment, etc. You can use a wide range of electrical light fixtures such as grow LED lights, magnification lights, fluorescent lamps, halogen machine lighting, etc.

You must choose the right light fixtures based on the environment you work in and the lighting demands of the space where you need to install them. Let us look at some industrial lighting fixtures that are available.

5 Types of Industrial Lighting Fixtures

These are five of the most commonly used lighting fixtures across a multitude of industries.

  1. Explosion Proof Lighting

    In industries like mining, transportation, steel, marine, etc., there are high risks of explosions which you cannot overlook at any cost. You have to make sure that the lighting fixtures have the ability to withstand the heat and pressures that are generated by an explosion. Explosion proof fixtures meet some of the most stringent quality standards of the National Electric Code.

  2. Indoor Fixtures

    Indoor fixtures can be installed in a number of indoor work areas like workshops, workstations, bays, etc. As different work environments have different requirements for lighting systems, it would be ideal to contact a supplier who can offer you customized lighting requirements. Ensure that the lighting systems are capable of withstanding harsh working conditions as well as extreme temperatures.

  3. Roadway Fixtures

    Roadway fixtures are ideal for places where you need high mast lighting. Safety is extremely important on the roads and is of major concern for the protection of all those present on the road, which is why you need a brightly lit road. You can control the amount of light generated by these roadway fixtures to make them brighter or dimmer, based on the time of the day they are being switched on.

  4. Flood Lighting

    Every sports ground requires proper lighting. It isn’t a pleasant experience for the spectators when they can’t clearly see what’s going on in the ground/field and it would equally hinder the players from performing well if the lighting is compromised. Regardless of which sport it is, be it tennis, football, cricket, basketball or rugby, flood lights are an indispensable part.

  5. Lighting for Hazardous Locations

    Places like nuclear plants, mining fields, oil rigs, and underwater operations require high quality and failure-free lighting solutions. It is important that there are various kinds of light sources as well as lights so that the work doesn’t halt due to lighting failure of any kind. Ideally, you must not use regular industrial lighting fixtures in such places. Make sure the lighting you use are reliable, have a long life and have low maintenance costs.

Always focus on the quality of the lighting fixtures before buying them as you cannot compromise on the safety and the reliability aspect. Even though the main job of the fixtures is to light up an area properly to ensure smooth workflow, you must also make sure if these fixtures are intrinsically safe to ensure safety measures. Only invest in those that will last for a long time. You can achieve all these when you opt for high-quality materials.

Understand your requirements carefully before investing in the lighting fixtures. Consult with our experts at D & F Liquidators who can identify the needs of your industry and suggest you the best light fixtures possible. We have a wide range of lighting fixtures that will not only offer you exactly what you need but you will also get your money’s worth. Get in touch with us for more details.