While buying a house, you discuss the interiors, furniture, fixture, and other utilities. But did you ever give a thought to what kind of electrical wiring is spread across your house? Although wrong electrical wiring is a potential life hazard, you often underestimate it.

When was Aluminum Wiring Used?

Electrical wiring is ideally done with copper wires. But there was a time in the 1960s and 70s when electricians used aluminum for wiring, as the prices of copper got raised suddenly, and also due to the unavailability of copper in the U.S.A.

But soon, experts discover that this solution comes with a dangerous downside. Modern technology recognized aluminum electrical wire as not as safe as copper wire.

Let us understand what all you should know about aluminum wiring in house.

Aluminum Electrical Wire

Aluminum wires work like copper wires and were popular till the 70s and widely used as electrical conductors. Their use stopped once they were discovered as dangerous.

Copper Wire vs. Aluminum Wire

  • Aluminum wires expand more than copper wire while passing on the current. That leads to more connection failures and electric problems.
  • Aluminum wires are outdated. If an accident happens, the insurance company will give you a hard time to pass the claim if the wiring is outdated.
  • It is scientifically proven that the chances of a fatal fire accident are more likely with aluminum wires than copper wires.

What Makes Aluminum Wiring Hazardous?

Aluminum expands more than copper while passing on the current. It can make room for air and can loosen the wire from the terminal screw. Thus, giving room to rusting. Can you picture the danger of your house surrounded by corroded wiring?

Identifying Aluminum Wiring

  • First, you can spot the difference through the color.
  • Al or Aluminum will be written or embossed on the wire jacket.
  • If your current property was built between 1965 to 1973, the chances are that your house’s wiring is aluminum instead of copper.


What to do with the Aluminum Electric Wire at Home?

Call an expert electrical professional and ask him to evaluate the wiring at your home. If it is wired correctly and not very old, you can carry on with it for some time – if not, then make sure you get it taken care of.

There are basically 2 ways that can fix the old aluminum wires.

  1. Complete Replacement – A qualified electrical engineer will replace the entire aluminum electrical wiring with copper wiring.
  2. COPALUM Method – Complete rewiring might not be possible in all the case. Cost or construction technicalities can be the reason. In such instances, the COPALUM method can come to the rescue. A short section of copper wire is joined to the end of an aluminum wire via a device known as COPALUM. They are joined at every connector with aluminum wire. It is an effective way of dealing with the issue of aluminum electrical wire.

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