What is surplus electrical equipment? If some of the projects get cancelled, warehouses get liquidated or there are manufacturing overruns, electrical surplus inventory may get generated. In the past, a major fraction of this surplus was sold through the local surplus dealers. However, you now have the advantage of buying surplus equipment through e-commerce platforms.

You should not buy the first thing that you come across online. Let’s see how you should proceed.

9 Important Questions to Ask Before Buying Online

Before you buy surplus electrical equipment online, you need to ask some questions to ensure you make the right purchase.

  • Is the equipment an original factory product?
  • Is the product new and is the box sealed?
  • Does the equipment exhibit structural damage like fractures or cracks?
  • Are there any proofs of safety and reliability tests of the product?
  • Does the equipment show any signs of being burned in any way?
  • When was the last time that the equipment was in use?
  • Has the product ever failed before? What were the reasons for the failure?
  • Does the equipment have the warranty when it arrives and when does the warranty expire?
  • Can you return the product if it doesn’t meet the required standards?

7 Essential Things You Need to Consider

The next step to buying surplus electrical equipment online is to check the following things.

Input/Output Voltage Ratings

It is important to be aware of the voltage rating of the surplus electrical equipment. Additionally, you also need to know the voltage rating of the power source you are using. This helps in determining if the equipment is suitable for the required application or not. Buying circuit breakers, electrical fuses and transformers with incorrect voltage
rating will increase the risk of short circuits, arching and electrical fires.

Continuous Current Ratings

A continuous current rating tells you if the device will perform properly in different environments or not. This rating is listed in Amperes and represents the continuous current that can be carried by the device when it is used in the precise ambient temperature in which it was calibrated.

Short-Circuit Current Rating

Abbreviated as SCCR, short-circuit current rating defines the maximum short-circuit current that an electrical equipment can safely handle. The SSCR for an electrical panel can be calculated on the SCCR for each individual component of the electric assembly. Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose the components with the proper rating.

Electrical Current Frequency

When you choose a circuit breaker or any other electrical equipment, you must pay attention to the current frequency at which they are designed to operate. Electrical current frequency helps in determining the highest current that the device will be able to handle without derating or requiring specific calibration.

Maximum Interrupting Rating

This rating defines the highest amount of fault current that circuit breakers, fuses and numerous electrical devices can handle safely without getting damaged or arcing. The maximum interrupting rating of the equipment must be equal to or higher than the maximum fault current delivered at the location where it is used.


The safety of an electrical device depends on factors like:

  • Current ratings
  • Location
  • The environment they are installed and used in
  • Temperature
  • Breaking capacity

The construction, setup, design and maintenance of the equipment also make a difference. Therefore, consider take these factors as well.

Quality Assurance

Always ensure that all the equipment you buy has been tested for safety, performance and long-term functionality. At the same time, confirm that the seller can provide you with proof of quality assurance and compliance like ISO certification. Check if the spare components are available easily in case you need them in the future.

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