Do you have lots of electrical devices at home? Are they protected against damage? We are not talking about physical damage that is caused by dropping or breaking them accidentally but rather of electrical damage. When there are instances of electrical overload, power surges or even extreme weather conditions such as lightening, etc., your electrical devices will be at a risk of getting fried due to the excessive electricity passing through them.

This is why you should ground the electrical devices. Grounding provides a path for the excessive electricity to flow to the earth instead of you or any electrical device, thus preventing electricity shock or damage. Let us how it works.

How Does Grounding Work?

In any electric circuit, there is an active wire which supplies the power, a neutral wire which carries that current back and a ‘grounding wire’ which provides an additional path for electrical current to return safely to the ground without causing danger to anyone in the event of a short circuit. A copper conductor is connected from the metal rod of the wiring system to a set of terminals for ground connections in the service panel.

If the wiring systems use electrical cables that are covered in metal, then the metal usually serves as the ground conductor between the wall outlets and the service panel. However, if the wiring systems use a plastic-sheathed cable, then an extra wire is used for grounding. Electricity always looks for the shortest path to the earth, therefore if there is any problem where the neutral wire is broken or interrupted, then it is the grounding wire that provides a direct path to the ground. This direct physical connection allows the earth to act as a path of least resistance and prevent an appliance or a person from becoming the shortest path.

Importance of Grounding

  • Protects Against Electrical Overloads
    You may experience power surges at times or you may be exposed to lightening during extreme weather conditions. These events may produce dangerously high electricity which can completely damage your electrical appliances. By grounding the electrical system, all the excess electricity will go into the earth instead of frying the appliances connected to the system. The appliances will be safe and protected from large electrical surges.
  • Stabilizes the Voltage Levels
    When you ground the electrical system, it makes it easier for you to distribute the right amount of power at the right places. This ensures that the circuits are not overloaded at any point and get blown as a result of it. The earth can be considered as a common reference point for the voltage sources in any electrical system. This helps in providing stabilized voltage levels throughout the electric system.
  • Earth Conducts with Least Resistance
    One of the main reasons why you should ground your electrical appliances is that the earth is a great conductor and it can conduct all the excess electricity with least resistance. When you ground the electrical system and connect it to the earth, it means that you are giving the excess electricity to go somewhere without resistance rather than going through you or your appliances.
  • Prevents Serious Damage and DeathWhen you do not ground the electrical system, you will put your appliances and even your life at high risk. When high electricity passes through any device, it will be fried and get damaged beyond repair. An excessive amount of electricity may even start a fire, putting your property and the life of your loved ones at risk.

If you have any issues with grounding at your home, contact us at D&F Liquidators. We provide assistance with everything related to an electrical system. We check if your system is well grounded or not, and ensure that your home and family are safe by fixing major grounding issues, if necessary.