If your mixer grinder suddenly stopped spinning, thermostat stopped working, or some of your lights went off, the chances are that your circuit breaker got tripped. One of the most apparent signs of circuit breaker tripping is a power failure in a portion of your house or office. It is not a complicated task to reset the circuit breaker. But it is crucial to get to the root cause of tripping. Beware of any significant underlying issue with your electrical connection.

How To Reset Circuit Breaker?

Following these step to reset the circuit breaker.

  1. Find Circuit Breaker Box

    Find circuit breaker box

    Search for a row of switches inside a grey metal service box in your electrical panel. All these switches will be different circuit breakers. If you can’t find such a box, your circuit breaker might be preserved with a fuse box instead of the service box. In that case, upcoming steps are not applicable. There is a separate process to fix the fuse blow.

  2. Turn off the Lights & Appliances

    Turn off the lights & appliances

    Turn off the lights and electric appliances connected to the faulty breaker. Do it before starting to fix the circuit breaker. The devices can get damaged because of the sudden current of restored power.

  3. Spot Tripped Breaker

    Spot the tripped switch

    Remember the row of breakers in step 1? One of those breaker’s lever will be in turned off position; unlike other turned on switches. The turned off circuit is the one which you need to reset. Some circuit breakers also come with a red or orange mark. Those marks can indicate if the circuit is tripped.

  4. Turn on Circuit Breaker Switch

    Turn on Circuit Breaker Switches

    Turn on the switch of the circuit breaker, which you found out to be off. If the switch’s lever is stuck in the middle, you need to switch off the button entirely before switching it on. The lever might generate a clicking sound while turning it off and on.

  5. Check the Circuit

    Check the circuit

    After you get the power restored, turn on the appliances and lights you switched off during step -2. If they run fine, then you got the issue sorted. But there can be a severe electricity issue if the circuit breaker trips again when you turn on the appliances.


There are certain precautions that you need to take while you reset the circuit breaker. Never touch the electric meter. Operate the breaker with your hands only. Don’t use any tool. And make sure you are nowhere near the water when you are working on a circuit breaker. None of your clothes or body part should be in a damp state.

Reason for Repetitive Tripping of Circuit Breaker

Repetitive tripping of circuit breaker can occur due to a short circuit or a grounding fault. But the most common reason is an overloaded circuit. Every year more than 40,000 house fires get triggered in the USA due to overload circuit. Thus you should call an electrician urgently if your circuit breaker trips frequently.

Main Circuit Breaker

Amongst various circuit breakers in your electrical panel, there is the main circuit breaker. It is the biggest. The job of the main breaker is to handle more electrical load than others. It can get tripped if there is an electrical overload in your house’s electric connection. By switching off the main breaker, you can switch off the entire electrical supply of your home.

Reset the Main Breaker

If your house’s total electrical power went off, you might need to reset the main circuit breaker. Flip on and off the main breaker two times to reset it.

Follow the precautions and the steps mentioned diligently to reset the circuit breaker. But don’t ignore the frequent tripping of the Circuit breaker.

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