It is important to maintain a safe working environment in a place where electrical installations are carried out. The line between safe and unsafe environment is very thin, which can be the difference between preventing accidents or causing them. Let us look at some common causes for unsafe electrical installations and how you can prevent them.

Causes of Unsafe Electrical Installations

  • Inadequate Training
    If the person performing the electrical installations has inadequate training or is incompetent, there is a greater chance of an unsafe electrical installation. It will be dangerous for the worker in question as he could attempt to work while the panel is still live, resulting in an electrical short and suffer from serious burns.
  • Presence of Unauthorized Personnel
    There is a risk of electrical accidents if the installations are carried under unauthorized personnel. You need to ensure that only the authorized personnel are present on the job site to avoid unsafe electrical installations.
  • Using Poor or Old Wiring
    Every single construction electrical material must be of high quality. Faulty wiring or old wires are the leading causes of electrical fires and accidents. The wiring needs to be checked every few years and if there is any damage, get it replaced immediately.
  • Not Informing the Electrical Inspector
    Even if the electrical installations are temporary, it is critical to inform the Electrical Inspector. Give them prior intimation so that they can fix an appointment and check that everything is as per the required standards, thus helping in preventing electrical accidents.
  • Ignoring the Quality of Materials
    If the installations are temporary in nature, there is a chance that the contractors and workers don’t bother with checking the durability, safety and reliability of the construction electrical products. This leads to numerous safety concerns. Ensure that the quality of the products used is checked prior to the installation.

Solutions to Ensure Safe Electrical Installations

Here are some ways to ensure safe electrical installations:

  1. Ensure that you hire only the licensed electricians to install, repair and dismantle the job site wiring. They always follow the electrical safety rules and ensure greater protection to everybody using the power tools and construction safety It also helps in preventing injuries that may be a result of under-qualified and unlicensed people installing.
  2. Always plug the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), which is required at every plug-in point that is associated with your job site’s temporary electrical supply. Check that only the GFCI receptacles are installed and portable GFCIs are kept handy in case additional grounding needs arise.
  3. Encourage the workers to always check the insulated tools for damage before using them. If the insulation layer is cracked or damaged in any way, it becomes an electrical conductor and would no longer be safe to use. Replace those instruments immediately.
  4. Keep the electrical components, even surplus electrical inventory, away from water or damp places. Store all the power tools in dry areas and keep the outdoor receptacles covered. Never use electrically powered tools in a wet environment.
  5. Thoroughly check the electrical wiring before cutting through any wall, ceiling or floor. If the tools make contact with an unseen electrical wire, the person using the tool will get electrocuted or shocked. It is always better to size up the situation before you get started to reduce your risk of injury.
  6. Use the right power tools and extensions for the job at hand. Ensure that the wattage rating of the extension is greater than the power requirement of the equipment it’s powering.

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