Spring has arrived and with it, the unpredictable weather and power outages that accompany it. But it’s not just the natural disasters that cause power outages for you as cases of equipment failure, planned maintenance can all threaten your company’s productivity and profits as well.  Did you know that the Canadian economy suffers $167 billion annually due to electrical power outages every year? This is especially bad for your business as you may stand to lose $17, 000 every half hour that the power remains out.

While electric power outages are unpredictable, here are 7 tips that will help you to minimize disruptions and protect your business:

  1. Sign Up for Outage Alerts
    Stay ahead of the storms by signing up for any notifications via text or email to get regular updates on the restoration times as well. You can also check your electricity provider’s website to sign up for alerts.
  2. Know Your Equipment
    Knowing your equipment is very helpful as you can take all the appropriate safety measures and precautions by making a list of all your equipment that should be switched off during an outage and resetting it when the power comes back on.

    • You can also ask other service providers for more information on how your systems will work during and after an outage.
    • If you have phase 3 equipment then it is advised that you should install a protection device and learn how to reset it after an outage.
  3. Have a Plan in PlaceMake a preparation plan which outlines all the operational tasks and responsibilities for your staff
    Ensure that you know your needs for any backup electrical generation and battery systems

    • Have your emergency lighting, phones, fire protection systems, security and backup battery systems regularly checked.
    • Make a list of emergency telephone numbers
    • Create a customized outage plan for your business
    • Have an emergency kit stored in an easy to reach location at all times
  4. Prepare Your Employees with Drill SessionsHave practice drill sessions so that your employees know what to do during a power outage. Assign responsibilities to your employees.Make sure that your employees have access to your site location identification number (SLID) so they can report an outage if you’re unavailable.
  5. Use Alternate Power and Lighting Sources
    Avoid using candles as they increase the risk of fire. You can opt to use battery-operated light sources-set up backup power sources for emergency power as well. You can also opt to install an emergency lighting system. Make sure that you place the generator in an open or well ventilated space and ensure that a few of your employees know how to operate it.
  6. Build an Outage Supplies KitStock your emergency outage supplies ahead of time and make sure that they are accessible and secure to everyone. Make sure that all your employees know where to find them and allot the responsibility of maintaining them to an employee. This is what you should include:
    • Emergency phone numbers as well as your electricity provider’s outage number
    • First aid kits
    • LED portable lights
    • Basic tools
    • Floor plan of your business’s building which was marked with emergency shutoffs for water, electricity, gas and the controls for the fire suppression system and security alarm.
  7. Inspect the Wires Leading to Your Building for RepairIf the wires on your business property are either damaged or down then it is best if you and your employees maintain a minimum distance of at least 4 meters at all times.

    Whether you suffer a power outage for a few minutes or for a few days, how you prepare and react to a power failure will help you keep your employees happy and your profits soaring.

Your best option is to make sure that you use the right construction electrical materials to keep your business safe from electrical outages as well as ensuring workplace safety. Using the wrong construction electrical material can grind your whole system to a halt. Installing and using the right construction electrical materials is crucial to keep downtime to a minimum and keep your business systems running efficiently. Contact our professionals at D&F Liquidators to know more about choosing and sourcing the right construction electrical materials for your business today!