Circuit breakers can be classified into different types depending on their external design, internal mechanism, voltage, and location of installation. They control your power supply system and protect you and your property against electrical hazards. Without a circuit breaker, you are at the risk of electrical fires, shocks, and short circuits.

But the same circuit breakers that ensure everything goes smoothly can also be incredibly dangerous when something goes wrong with their electrical wiring or materials. So if you want to stay safe and avoid potential hazards, know the warning signs and ways to fix the problem.

1. Light Buzzing Sound

Reason: Current Flowing Through the Breaker   

If you can constantly hear your circuit breaker buzzing but the sound is faint, don’t worry. It is just the electrical current flowing through the breaker box. A slight humming sound is completely normal but if these sounds are getting louder over time, you might want to schedule a professional inspection.

2. Sizzling Sounds with Occasional Sparks

Reason: Frayed or Loose Wiring  

If you hear any clicking or sizzling noise or any other strange sounds, your circuit breaker might need a real repair. A licensed and experienced electrician can accurately determine the problem. If you hear occasional sparks, the wiring may be damaged or loose and this can be extremely dangerous. To eliminate the possibility of an electrical hazard, don’t ignore those popping sounds because you may need to replace your old wiring immediately.

3. Constant Loud Buzzing

Reason: The Circuit Breaker Doesn’t Trip When it should

A loud buzzing sound from the circuit breaker indicates that the circuit breaker is bad and it is not tripping even when there is an actual problem with the electrical wiring or electrical materials. When circuit breakers don’t shut off the supply of power, the flow of current increases and this causes the wires to heat up, eventually leading to an electrical hazard. So, if you hear the circuit breaker buzzing loudly, contact a licensed electrician and have the circuit breaker replaced immediately.

When circuit breaker issues like vibrations, loose wiring, and failure to trip go unresolved, the consequences can be dangerous. The first and the safest way to deal with circuit breaker buzzing is by calling a qualified and experienced electrician. To avoid the very real possibilities of electrocution and fire, do not mess around with dangerous electrical materials and exposed wires and install only top-quality electrical materials.

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