Oil and natural gas resources are highly in-demand for the fuel and energy sectors, and this demand will continue to grow. Companies working in these sectors are often hard-pressed to put effective electrical systems in place that can handle the energy requirements without compromising on safety and reliability.

The good news is that modern electrical solutions are designed to handle the pressures and demands of processes in every aspect of the oil and gas industry. Today’s electrical infrastructure combines safe and reliable power supply with state-of-the-art information management systems customized to suit various requirements.

Let’s take a look at some of the electrical equipment available for oil and gas industry applications:

Signal, Alarms & Surveillance

These can easily be considered some of the most essential products for the oil and gas sector, since they offer improved safety and security for employees as well as production units. Efficient warning systems can reduce the risk of casualties and save lives in case of untoward incidents.

  • These include speakers, strobes, horns, CCTVs, emergency lighting, fire alarms, equipment obstruction warnings, PA systems and more.
  • High-quality signals, alarms and surveillance equipment will work indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Designed to work in extreme environments without interruption, can trigger a process shutdown in addition to broadcasted alerts and messages.
  • Systems can be customized to suit individual requirements, budgets and processes.

Motor Control/Electrical Distribution

Electrical safety systems would be incomplete without effective equipment for critical circuit protection and power management. Products that provide power management, electrical distribution, motor control and circuit/power electronics protection include:

  • Motor Starters and Switches
  • Switchracks
  • Explosion-Proof Variable Frequency Drives
  • Panelboards for power, lighting and heat trace, as well as premier and value lines
  • Circuit Protection (High-speed fuses for large drive protection; medium voltage fuses for transformer and motor starter protection; low voltage fuses for general electrical distribution and equipment protection; surge protection devices and circuit breakers)


Whether for indoor or outdoor use, proper lighting solutions can make a world of difference to performance, quality and safety in any industry. For the oil and gas sector, it’s also important that this equipment meets NEC and IEC standards for hazardous and non–hazardous areas alike. These lighting systems include:

  • Hazardous and Corrosive Areas – LEDs, HIDs, fluorescent, floodlights, induction and incandescent lighting options.
  • Emergency Lighting for Both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Areas – Exit signs, emergency lighting systems, compact fluorescents, obstruction lighting and visual signals. Many of these are available with LEDs.
  • General Indoor/Outdoor – Quarters lighting utilizing incandescent, fluorescent, HID and LED luminaries, parking and walkway lighting, exterior building floodlighting, etc.

Support Structures

When it comes to electrical and even mechanical systems, support structures form an essential part of safety systems for personnel accessing them, adding flexibility to various processes and even reducing labor requirements. These can range from simple cable support systems to custom-designed walkways and safety gratings, with a variety of options for indoor and outdoor use in office buildings, industrial facilities, personnel quarters, etc.

  • Bolted Framings and Struts – Available in various materials (like structural grade stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum), finishes, sizes and fittings, they provide superior strength and safety in different environments and configurations.
  • Cable Ladders – Standard I-beam construction for greater strength and safety, large spans that reduce costs and support requirements, and unique splicing capability for greater flexibility in support locations. Materials include industrial grade stainless steel, fiberglass (GRP) and aluminum, for harsh offshore or coastal environments.
  • Pipe Hangers – Used to make pipe installation easier in indoor or outdoor applications, available in various materials and finishes to suit different environments, and designed to meet industry manufacturing and design standards.
  • Flextrays – Available in materials that can handle harsh offshore or coastal environments as well as indoor applications, these field-fabricated fittings with splicing and support options cut down on installation time and costs, and offer increased flexibility.
  • Safety Gratings – Used to improve safety for operating personnel, they feature serrated slip-resistant surfaces, an open diamond design for better drainage (debris passes through instead of being trapped and forming a hazard), long spans and high loads for lower total installation costs.


Electronic instrumentation and protection equipment is an essential part of process control in various general purpose and hazardous locations alike. They are used to monitor critical processes on offshore oil and gas platforms, in power production plants and petrochemical installations, and include:

  • FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1 network power supplies, wiring components, diagnostic tools, and displays, qualified to the FF–831 standard for reliability and performance with comprehensive approvals for global installation.
  • Intrinsic safety I/O systems including Zener safety barriers, HART multiplexing equipment and annunciators, galvanic isolators, beacons and sounders, designed for extremely hostile and hazardous environments.
  • Comprehensive surge protection solutions designed for mains power, process control, network and communications, RF, telecom, and wireless systems.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoEx™) solutions for safe Ethernet installation anywhere, including classified areas where they can be “live worked,” with a single cable used to provide power and communications. Compliant with IEEE 802.3/802.11, designed for Zone 1/Division 1 mounting combined with Zone 2/Division 2 mounted power supply and isolator.