Every business drives around making quick profits by selling their products at a higher price than they bought it and keeping other production expenses at a minimum. Among the lucrative businesses are those dealing with electrical liquidation goods. Many of these electrical liquidators advertise their products either online or in local newspapers.

Factors that bring about availability of electrical liquidation goods:

  • When the inventory at the manufacturing, wholesale or retail levels does not sell, it calls for liquidation.
  • If a business is closing down and has inventory to liquidate.
  • If goods were produced for a season and their supply can no longer be restocked (end of line stock)
  • If there is a new model that has replaced older ones.
  • If the delivery of the goods is delayed due to a hold up by customs.
  • If there was a compromise in quality of the products or if they are damaged.

How to buy from electrical liquidators:

If you are looking to buy electrical liquidation goods, below are sources you are most likely to spot whatever it is that you are looking for:

  • Online outlets

    Many businesses today have an online platform with the help of best companies where they let the world know about their goods and services. Even from the comfort of your home or office, you can be able to shop from your desired supplier by using your phone as long as you have access to the internet. One good thing about buying from an online electrical liquidator is that you can see what previous buyers say regarding the product you are about to buy. From such reviews, you can also be able to buy from the most trustworthy supplier.

  • Liquidation Wholesalers

    Most wholesalers offer a variety of products at a relatively low price which allows you to make that profit you are looking for. If you are lucky to find a wholesaler who wants to liquidate his or her product very quickly, your gains may even be more.

  • Liquidation sales and business closure notices

    Look out for these notices in your local newspaper and spot any closures that might help you mark any upcoming electrical liquidation. Liquidation auctions may also be published showing when and where the auction will take place.

  • Repair shops

    Products found to be damaged, defective or broken will only eat up an economical space for a business and thus the management may opt to sell them to repair shops. Additionally, if a retailer finds the repair bill too high to foot, the immediate alternative is to liquidate it to the nearest repair shop. If the products are repaired and get functional again, the owners sell them taking into consideration the cost of the repair as well as an additional small cost for storage.

Things to consider when buying from electrical liquidators

Before you can make that decision to buy from an electrical liquidator, here are some considerations you should make:

  • Price

    Always compare prices from different sources and settle for the lowest. Also research on the current selling prices of the products you are buying so that you maximize on your profits. Your budget should also factor in expenses such as transport, storage and repackaging.

  • Shop around

    Before making a purchase, look around for as many electrical liquidators as you may find. This will not only help you find a variety of products, but it will also help you decide on the best deal available.

  • Check the products

    You need to be certain that the product you are buying is the right one, so don’t shy away from asking the seller to show you the product. This is more so important if you have settled to buy damaged electrical goods. This will give you a clearer picture in terms of the repair costs and the time it will take you before you can finally sell your repaired products.

Benefits of Partnering with Electrical Liquidators

Electrical liquidators are like the one-stop-shop for all your electrical needs. They act as a bridge connecting buyers and sellers. They can be considered as electrical surplus buyers who sell electrical products at highly competitive prices. If you don’t partner up with them, you would be missing out on numerous benefits.

  • Risk Protection

    Most of the manufacturers have minimum order quantities which require installers and resellers to purchase the products in pre-defined minimum number, store it and prepare it for transport, whenever required. This process usually comes with an inherent risk. For instance, if the module prices drop, then the inventory in the warehouse would be worth less than the amount you would have paid for it, which puts the buyer at risk. The impact would be multifold if you have to cancel some jobs, which means you would have to sell the product at a loss. When you tie up with consolidated electrical distributors, the product would be ordered only when the job is contracted and it would be shipped directly to the job-site. It makes it a simpler and safer option. Moreover, it is cost-effective as it would reduce your warehouse requirements, prevent against lack of inventory and minimize time spent on logistics. Since you won’t be needing the staff to manage to purchase, receiving, warehousing and shipping, it would bring down the personnel costs as well.

  • Receive Valuable Market Guidance

    The electrical industry is growing at a rapid pace and is sensitive to policy changes — which means that keeping up with the latest knowledge pertaining to market opportunities and unexpected challenges can be difficult. An electrical liquidator is someone who stays informed of the current market conditions through webinars, workshops, training or e-mail updates. They share the knowledge of sales opportunities, latest market trends and relevant legislative information with you.

  • Buying Power

    When you need to purchase electrical surplus and warehouse it, the distributors would benefit from the economy of scale. This secures the vast amount of product for the lowest cost possible. When you throw in teams dedicated to negotiating the lowest possible prices, you can enjoy more cost-effective warehousing, product-testing and shipping. All these results in high-quality products with extremely competitive prices.

  • Easy Material Handling

    Regardless of how experienced or careful your staff is, there might be shipping errors and delivery of goods might be delayed due to unforeseen reasons. Material handling would become much easier if you team up with an electrical cable liquidator. If you need some materials urgently, for instance, contracted customers like schools and hospitals that come with stipulated times and conditions, the liquidator ensures that the electrical maintenance is performed as per the required standards, on time. You do not have to worry about dealing with last-minute requirements, transportation, etc., as it will be taken care of by the liquidator.

Choosing the right electrical liquidator helps you maintain electrical surplus inventory, with a promise of high-quality goods and services.