June 2017

13 Reasons Why Your Electricity Bill Is Shooting Up

Has it ever happened that you noticed an inexplicable rise in your electricity bill in spite of using the same appliances for the same amount of time that you generally do? No, the neighbor’s bill didn’t get delivered to you accidentally and neither is it the fault of your electrical services provider. There might […]

Importance of Designing System Enclosures Properly to Save Energy

The electrical enclosures may be one of the simplest electrical components but it is important that you design it properly. While it may be a simple component to specify, the extensive choices available in the market might overwhelm or confuse you. The most obvious choice might not always be the best in terms of […]

May 2017

Why Surge Protection Should Not be Neglected

A single bolt of lightning packs thousands of amperes of current and up to one billion volts of energy. We hear numerous incidents of lost lives and damage to humans, animals or property caused by lightning attacks.

The boost in electrical voltage caused by a lightning, also called a surge, can damage your home and […]

Troubleshooting an Open Circuit Fault in the Control Circuit

Electrical issues can come in one of so many forms. If a machine fails to start up when it is powered on, then the problem is most likely to be an electrical fault. It could be a mechanical issue but then this article is going to address a very common fault in electrical circuits. […]

April 2017

6 Lighting Layout Tips for your Home!

Handing over the responsibility of planning the layout of your home to the builder can be a huge relief. However, by doing so, you are leaving the builder with a hazy idea about your requirements. And this matters a lot especially in the case of electrical and lighting layouts.

The electrical and lighting plans of […]

5 Kinds of Industrial Lighting Fixtures You Must Know Of

Lighting is a critical aspect in a number of industries such as manufacturing, mining, marine, packaging, and even sports. Electrical fixtures for such industries are designed for heavy duty performance and can last even in the most adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures and climate.

Apart from ensuring proper lightening and enhancing the output, electrical […]

March 2017

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    GFCI Outlet: From How it Works and Why it Trips to Self-testing and Benefits

GFCI Outlet: From How it Works and Why it Trips to Self-testing and Benefits

What is a GFCI Outlet?

A ground fault circuit interrupter is a protective device specifically designed to break the circuit every time there is an imbalance between incoming and outgoing current. The GFCI outlet protects electrical wiring and receptacles from overheating and possible fire, greatly minimizing the risk of shock injuries and fatal burns. […]

Why Explosion Proof Enclosures Are Critical For Your Business

Explosion proof enclosures are boxes or cabinets that contain electrical components such as plugs, knobs, sockets, switches, controls, etc. They help in preventing the internal explosions from spreading out in the ambient environment which otherwise puts life and property at risk.

Numerous industrial facilities work in hazardous conditions, where some damages can lead to explosions […]

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    Overview of 3 Commonly Used Protection Methods in Hazardous Locations

Overview of 3 Commonly Used Protection Methods in Hazardous Locations

If you work in hazardous locations and conditions, you would understand the need to promote safety and ensure that the risk of explosions is reduced. It is crucial that you eliminate one or more component of the ignition triangle to minimize the chances of an explosion. The 3 protection methods listed below are widely […]

How and Where are Cables and Conduits Used?

Cables and conduits are integral parts of an electrical system. Electrical cables are used for transmitting power, while the electrical conduits help in promoting safety by keeping a bunch of cables safe together. Let us learn more about them.


Different types of cables are used for different purposes. They are present in almost every electronic […]