April 2019

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Electric Connector

With an endless variety of electric connector types and several crucial criteria to consider, choosing the right one can be downright difficult. However, choosing the right connector is the most efficient and reliable way to modularize, improve or downsize a system so that it runs smoothly without needing frequent repairs.
Zero in on the best […]

March 2019

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    Types of Electrical Conduits Every Home Owner Must Know About

Types of Electrical Conduits Every Home Owner Must Know About

An electrical conduit is a durable tubing used for electrical protection and routing of individual electrical wiring conductors. A conduit is usually required where the wiring can be exposed or get damaged.
Conduit Installation
A conduit generally contains two or more individual insulated wires.

In a standard installation, an entire raceway is installed before the individual wires […]

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    5 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Surplus Equipment Vendor

5 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Surplus Equipment Vendor

The right surplus electrical vendor can help your business tremendously. They enable you to produce and deliver goods and services that your business offers. However, finding the right supplier offering a competitive price can be challenging.

In this article, we will look at 5 things that will help you find the right surplus equipment vendor.
5 […]

February 2019

Circuit Breaker Box Basics for Homeowners

Every homeowner must be familiar with the operation and the features of the circuit breaker panel/electrical breaker box that sits in the utility room and supplies power to the house. Knowing what it is, why it’s important, and how it works may help you with troubleshooting home electrical issues and avoid dangerous situations.

And fortunately, […]

January 2019

Circuit Breaker Vs. Safety Switch

Circuit Breaker Vs. Safety Switch

Both safety switches and circuit breakers promote safety and prevent damage to you and your property, but they are not the same thing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about these two electrical safety devices that have been causing a lot of confusion in the mind of people.

It’s important […]

5 Winter Safety Tips for Electricians

Winter has set in. Nobody understands the wrath of the colder months more than the electricians. Because these are the people who are out in the field keeping their service up and running when others are keeping themselves warm in their houses. During these cold conditions, electricians need to make electrical safety a priority. […]

December 2018

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    All You Need to Know Before Buying Surplus Electrical Equipment Online

All You Need to Know Before Buying Surplus Electrical Equipment Online

What is surplus electrical equipment? If some of the projects get cancelled, warehouses get liquidated or there are manufacturing overruns, electrical surplus inventory may get generated. In the past, a major fraction of this surplus was sold through the local surplus dealers. However, you now have the advantage of buying surplus equipment through e-commerce […]

7 Smart Ways to Reduce Costs in Your Construction Business

Running a construction business isn’t cheap; It requires a significant capital investment. In construction, you possibly cannot cut corners because this mostly would mean spending more money in the long run. However, there are few ways to reduce the expenses. Read on to know more about how you can be smart with your money without […]

November 2018

Electrical Safety Components to Keep Your Family Safe

You would do anything to protect your family, right. But what if we tell you that despite all your efforts, there may be danger lurking within the confines of your house? Since we use a number of electrical devices and appliances, it is important to understand the electrical systems and know which electrical safety […]

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    Different Types of Circuit Breakers – How They are Classified

Different Types of Circuit Breakers – How They are Classified

An electrical circuit breaker is a switching device that can be operated manually or automatically for controlling and protecting the electrical power system. Without a circuit breaker, there is a high risk of electrical fires, electrocution and electrical shocks.
There are different types of circuit breakers which are based on voltage, installation location, external design […]