May 2020

Flickering Lights – Reasons and Ways to Fix

The problem of occasionally flickering lights is common and may not be dangerous. It often results from minor electrical problems that you can fix on your own. But if the problem continues, you may need to consult an expert to see if the cause of light flickering in your house is more serious.

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Outdoor Electrical Outlets – Installation and Safety Tips

Sometimes, we are very careful about safely using electrical equipment and outlets in our home. But we tend to overlook the risks of electrical hazards due to outdoor electrical outlets. So, to help you, we are discussing how to ensure maximum safety when using an outdoor electrical box followed by some very important electrical safety […]

240 Volt Outlet and Plug

Consider the electric current flowing through the electrical wires in your home as pressure – the harder and quicker the electrons are pushed through the wires, the more power they will provide to the outlet. And not every outlet in your home can handle high voltage (240-volt) current. That’s why you need to have […]

April 2020

AFCI vs GFCI: Know the Difference

eyWhile standard circuit breakers offer a basic level of electrical fire protection, there are two more electrical circuit interrupters on the market that offer enhanced protection from arcing and ground-faults: AFCI and GFCI. Both these outlets are important equipment to any home or office’s electrical system in terms of functionality and are absolutely essential […]

All About Electrical Service Panel – Guide for Homeowners

You plug in the microwave, turn the switch on, and the power goes off. With no clue about what just happened, you call an electrician to fix the problem. And later you realize that you could do it yourself if you knew the basics of your home’s electrical service panel.

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February 2020

Circuit Overload- Everything You Need to Know

Has this ever happened to you? You plugged in too many devices at the outlet and everything is fine. Until suddenly the power goes off. If you have faced this situation, then most probably you created a circuit overload. What is it and what caused it? Let’s learn more about it.
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How to Prevent Deadly Electrical Shocks

Almost every appliance runs on electricity and if it isn’t used properly, it can prove to be an extremely dangerous element. If live electricity touches you or any conductive material, an electric shock can occur. In this article, we will learn how to prevent the electrical shocks.
What Are Common Causes of Electrical Shocks

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January 2020

LV/MV Switchgear : Ultimate Guide

Switchgear refers to an amalgamation of electrical switching devices whose function is to switch, control, meter, regulate, isolate, and protect electrical circuits and equipment. Some of the products encompassed within the switchgear include switches, circuit breakers, switch fuse units, contractors, H.R.C. fuses, offload isolators, and earth leakage circuit breakers (E.L.C. Bs). These devices are […]

December 2019

Motor Soft Starter

A motor soft starter is used to protect the motor and other connected equipment from damage through controlled terminal voltage. Thus, it a device that is used in AC electrical motors to momentarily lessen the load and torque within the power train as well as the electric current surge of the motor when starting […]

5 Safety Tips to Protect Your Home during Holidays

Burglary, fireplace hazards, short circuits or loose wire connections leading to electrical hazards, etc. The list of all that can go wrong while you are away holidaying is endless. However, it only requires some smart planning and a few simple measures to ensure that your home is protected during holidays. Be it electrical hazards […]