September 2017

Home Electrical Panel Problems and Solutions

At first glance, a connector might seem like a relatively unknown and insignificant component but design engineers understand the importance of choosing the right connector for their design.

The connector binds an entire electrical system together and is the base of any electrical product. Understanding and realizing the value of connectors allows you to choose […]

Electrical Safety: Important Criteria for Safer Workplaces

Consider a workplace environment of any kind. You will notice that almost everything functions with electricity. It’s difficult to imagine our lives without the convenience that comes with electrically-powered instruments.

However, it should always be kept in mind that every type of electrical appliance should be handled with great care. Numerous accidents and injuries are […]

August 2017

5 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Tripped Breaker

Chances are that you must be one of those homeowners who only looks at your circuit breakers when you happen to trip the circuit in your house and have to reset the switch to restore your power right? The truth is that a circuit breaker is actually a safety device rather than a simple […]

How to Extend the Life of Your Electric Wire and Cable

Electric wires and cables are the lifeline of most if not all industrial applications. If your cables fail, your entire system comes to a halt leaving you with costly downtime and loss of profit.

As a busy manager or department head in any industrial plant, you always have a lot to worry about every day. […]

July 2017

Raising Electrical Safety Levels in Existing Accommodation

About 80% of dwellings were built before the year 1990. While they may have complied with the safety standards at the time of construction, those standards might not be relevant in today’s day and age. Significant changes were made in electrical standards since 1990 and the protection technologies of today were not available or […]

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    The Effect of Temperature on Electrical Enclosures & How to Keep Them Cool

The Effect of Temperature on Electrical Enclosures & How to Keep Them Cool

Temperature control and heat reduction are extremely critical, but unfortunately, they are also the most overlooked aspects in terms of enclosure design. You must incorporate thermal control in the initial designs of electrical enclosures to save yourself the trouble due to temperature related issues in the future. Consider all the external factors that may […]

June 2017

13 Reasons Why Your Electricity Bill Is Shooting Up

Has it ever happened that you noticed an inexplicable rise in your electricity bill in spite of using the same appliances for the same amount of time that you generally do? No, the neighbor’s bill didn’t get delivered to you accidentally and neither is it the fault of your electrical services provider. There might […]

May 2017

Why Surge Protection Should Not be Neglected

A single bolt of lightning packs thousands of amperes of current and up to one billion volts of energy. We hear numerous incidents of lost lives and damage to humans, animals or property caused by lightning attacks.

The boost in electrical voltage caused by a lightning, also called a surge, can damage your home and […]

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    Troubleshooting an Open Circuit Fault in the Control Circuit

Troubleshooting an Open Circuit Fault in the Control Circuit

Electrical issues can come in one of so many forms. If a machine fails to start up when it is powered on, then the problem is most likely to be an electrical fault. It could be a mechanical issue but then this article is going to address a very common fault in electrical circuits. […]

April 2017

6 Lighting Layout Tips for your Home!

Handing over the responsibility of planning the layout of your home to the builder can be a huge relief. However, by doing so, you are leaving the builder with a hazy idea about your requirements. And this matters a lot especially in the case of electrical and lighting layouts.

The electrical and lighting plans of […]