January 2018

How to Get Your Standby Generator Ready for Winter

The winters are here. This makes it essential to start the necessary preparations before it takes a really cold turn so that you and your loved ones can stay warm during the chilly weather. At the same time, you must focus on winter electrical safety as well.

Make sure your standby generator is ready for […]

8 Electrical Safety Tips for Construction Site Workers

Every construction site is covered with electrical hazards, regardless of whether you are tearing down a structure or building something from the ground up. In order to keep your workers and workplace safe, you must follow safety precautions across the site.
Here are 8 safety tips that you must follow in the construction site.

Personal […]

December 2017

Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous locations are pretty common in industries like oil & gas, power generation, sewage or treatment, mining, confined spaces and many more. Hazardous areas are classified after the areas have been evaluated using scientific and engineering principles in companies where chemicals are either classified to ensure the safe and proper specification and installation of […]

5 Tips to Prevent Electrical Fire Hazards on the Job Site

Job and industry sites are usually prime locations for potential electrical fire hazards. Fires are quite common on construction sites and are extremely risky as they cause serious injuries and can be life threatening as well. Fires on the construction site also pose a serious risk to the general public as well as the […]

Is Your Business Prepared for a Power Outage?

Spring has arrived and with it, the unpredictable weather and power outages that accompany it. But it’s not just the natural disasters that cause power outages for you as cases of equipment failure, planned maintenance can all threaten your company’s productivity and profits as well.  Did you know that the Canadian economy suffers $167 […]

November 2017

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    How to Design Electric Circuits and Wiring Plans for Your Kitchen

How to Design Electric Circuits and Wiring Plans for Your Kitchen

In a typical home, the kitchen has the heaviest electricity consumption. Since you need to plug in multiple appliances that have different electrical power requirements, create a wiring plan before buying construction electrical material and equipment, or building electric circuits for space.

Unlike other rooms in your home, you cannot use a single circuit to […]

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    Why is Earthing Important in Electrical Construction Projects?

Why is Earthing Important in Electrical Construction Projects?

Earthing or grounding is the process of transferring the immediate discharge of electricity directly to the earth plate, by means of low resistance electrical cables or wires. Earthing really is one of the most important aspects of electric networks, since it makes the most readily available and dangerous source of power much safer to […]

Essential Tips for Enhancing Electrical Safety in Mines

Any electrical construction project or job site using electrical equipment faces a risk of damage, injury and even fatalities. Dangerous situations can escalate if they aren’t curbed in time, particularly in high-risk applications such as mining, which is considered the most risky setting for using electrical power. Here’s why:

The electrical fatality rate in […]

October 2017

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    Top 6 Tips for Saving Money and Energy with Your Electric Motor

Top 6 Tips for Saving Money and Energy with Your Electric Motor

Electric motors are the most common examples of construction, electrical material used in residential, commercial and industrial applications alike. However, they can also be a huge drain on your pocket if they’re inefficient or poorly maintained.
Here are 6 ways to save money and energy by improving motor performance:

Learn about Load Types
Your electric motor […]

4 common electrical problems that all business owners face

Your business’s electrical box is an essential part of your business’s electrical system and it is sometimes necessary to open it up to reset or repair the controls on your power supply. If you are having problems that are related to the power service within your building then it may be a good idea […]